Intro to Story Bracelets & Ben's Story

Hey everyone thanks for checking out my blog. This is my first post, how exciting! In this post I am going to share with you Ben’s Story Bracelet, but before I get into that, how’s about a little insight into what a story bracelet is.

A story bracelet is a bracelet made just for you; a representation of your life, the things you’ve accomplished, the people who are most important to you and the things you want. By now you might be thinking this like Pandora or Pandora look-alikes, what I do might be similar in concept, however, different in materials and methodology. Firstly you get the choice of the bracelet material itself, not everyone wants silver, gold or variations thereof. I give you the choice of Stretch Cord (elastic), Stainless Steel (durable and will never tarnish), Leather Cord (Vegan friendly options available) and finally Captured Silver (coming soon).

I use a mix of natural gemstones, sterling silver and silver plated charms and spacers to tell a story, most of what appears on your bracelet depends on your taste, individual story and desires. 

Each stone carries a meaning a metaphysical component. You don’t need to be a believer in metaphysics to believe in story bracelets. The design, colours and representations are what make Kyper Story Bracelets unique to you.



Ben's Story Bracelet

The main points Ben wanted explained on his bracelet was a commemoration of his late father, his beautiful mother and his desire to surround himself with good luck, positive vibes, financial success and most importantly love. We’ve arranged these semi precious stones to represent what’s most important to him. Ben’s bracelet is set a follows:

 - Starting with the right blue stone we have Turquoise, the birthstone of December, which is Ben’s birth month.

- Working left with have a Jade stone. Jade's properties are said to bring forth meaningful relationships as well as life and financial success.

- Next to the Jade we have Green Aventurine. Green Aventurine much like Jade also helps in providing positivity towards good fortunes and financial success.

- In the middle of the Bracelet we have Citrine, the Citrine is a representation of Ben’s father as Citrine is often used for family commemoration.

- Next to Citrine we have Jasper. Much like Citrine, Jasper is the stone that represents family and sibling connectedness which just so happens to be the most important thing to his mother.

- Next to that we have Onyx. Onyx is one of the stones for Capricorn, which is Ben’s zodiac sign, Onyx is also used for strength and dealing with difficult challenges.

- Finally we have Hematite, Ben felt very strongly towards a bracelet that would help him with his love life so we felt it was necessary to provide additional gemstone support to help him on his way.

The 5 white howlite stones on each side keep Ben balanced throughout all that has happened and will happen to him in his life.


This is Ben’s story. What will your story look like?

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