About Kyper

KyperCo is a Toronto based e-tailer offering finished and customizable fine jewelry to customers worldwide through our website.


It was in 2015, during summer break, that Sapphire Chocron rediscovered her love of craft making. As a young girl, she'd shown an abundance of creative promise, but had set this aside when the time came and the realities of adulthood took center stage. Now the moment had arrived to rekindle that early passion.


After spending a few hundred dollars on plated metals, Sapphire started out by creating several small jewelry pieces that she could give to friends and family, thinking that would be the end of the matter. But such was their pleasure on receiving these hand-made gifts, and the encouragement they offered her, that she was urged to take another step and turn this budding hobby into a sprawling business.


Acting on this encouragement, Sapphire decided to offer her jewelry for sale online to see if her designs would generate wider interest. And after uploading her creations onto Etsy, and watching the sales roll in, the answer turned out to be a resounding “Yes”. Clearly there was a real appetite for hand-made jewelry that was invested with personality, crafted with loving care, and pitched at a fair price notwithstanding the amount of work that went into it.


Spurred on by the growing demand, Sapphire started to ramp up her production, experimenting with ever more intricate designs, as well as customizing jewelry to reflect the wishes of her customers, allowing them to accessorize and celebrate their lives events and loved ones with unique personalized jewelry. As a result of this extra effort, word spread again, resulting in a bumper order book and a swelling number of happy customers.


As it turned out, plenty of people were less concerned with precious stones, and platinum-heavy ornamentation, than jewelry that showed clear signs of emotional investment and an abundance of creative flair. At the same time, with there being a real lack of affordable quality in the marketplace, Sapphire's offerings drew increasing attention.


Today, under the name Kyper Co, Sapphire Chocron remains faithful to her original credo – catering to shoppers with an appetite for personal, stylish, soulful jewelry – that doesn't break the bank. As in the very beginning, when making pieces for friends and family, every ring and bracelet is endowed with quality and exhibits their very own personal touch.


 Whether in the case of Kyper Co's ready-to-wear product range, or those customized pieces that Sapphire still turns her hand to, it's an approach that has served us well over the last several years.  We certainly hold our own in terms of artistry, excellent value, the strength of our creative vision and customer service. 


Not everything that glitters is made with loving care, but here at Kyper every piece we create (and customize) is built to be treasured and designed to endure.