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Proud to Introduce Kyper & Co.

Proud to Introduce Kyper & Co.

What is Kyper & Co. What are we doing and why are we different?

Welcome to our family! Let us take you on a journey that started with a simple act of love. Our founder, Sapphire, was studying to become a nurse when she discovered her passion for crafting bracelets. It all began when a beloved family member, who adored jewelry but struggled with arthritis, found it difficult to handle the tiny clasps on most pieces.

Seeing this, Sapphire had a lightbulb moment. She replaced the small clasp on one of their bracelets with a larger, arthritis-friendly one. This thoughtful act of love was a game-changer!

Word spread among friends and family, and soon, she found herself flooded with similar requests. To meet the demand, she began sourcing unfinished gold and silver products from a local supplier and started her Etsy shop in 2018 originally as Kyper Collections. Orders and custom requests started pouring in, and she realized she had tapped into something special.

But with great success came new challenges. Sapphire quickly realized that fulfilling custom requests, especially at a granular level, was not scalable without the help of technology. But she didn’t let this deter her. She remained committed to her craft and to her customers.

And now, we’re excited to introduce you to the Kyper & Co customizer. After two years of development and a company re-brand, we’ve created a unique offering that puts you in the designer’s seat. With our customizer, you become the crafter of your own unique piece of jewelry. We’re proud to offer this innovative feature that lets you express your creativity and style.

Today, you’ll find that Sapphire’s husband, Andrew, has joined the journey full-time in 2023. He’s now leading the growth of the company, and together, they’re committed to bringing you beautiful, custom jewelry that tells your story.

So, welcome to our family! We’re thrilled to have you here, and we can’t wait to help you find or create the perfect piece of jewelry that’s as unique as you are.

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